If given a choice, most people want to work with complete freedom and without any pressure. Employees and workers who have to work fixed working hours in offices, industry or factory do not have such flexibility. They have to report to work at the right time and can leave only when the duty hour is over. Many surveys conducted on these people have found that they would prefer working from home. This has given rise to freelancers who work on per job basis. They have lots of flexibility in terms of working hours. It is not all rosy though and there are some drawbacks to working from home. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

Flexible Working Hours

Freelancers are free to choose their working hours. They can work as long or as less as they want. While most jobs do require freelancers to complete the work within the specified time limit, it is up to the freelancer to decide at what time they want to work. A business transfer agent makes it easy to transfer an established business to another entity according to government laws and regulations.

No Commuting

Working from home means that a freelancer does not have to deal with everyday traffic which is especially problematic during the morning and evening rush hours. The person does not have to spend most of commuting time stuck in the traffic jam.

No Boss

Working under a senior who is not a good manager can be depressing. Juniors do not have any choice when it comes to following the orders of their seniors. They have to do what they are asked to do. A freelancer does not have to deal with any boss or senior employee. It is a very liberating experience and allows a person to work more productively.

Choose Any Job

A person expert and knowledgeable in different subjects can decide to work in one or many fields. There is no restriction to work for a single company. The person is free to work for as many companies as possible.

Free Hours

Freelancers have lots of time in hand to enjoy leisure time with family members. They can visit their favorite places, events and parties without worrying about being reprimanded for not coming to the office. They can do household chores and DIY home jobs whenever they want.

While a freelancer enjoys all these advantages there are some drawbacks to freelancing as well.

Disturbance during the Work

If there is a baby or kid at home then there may be disturbance. If family members, neighbors or other people frequently call and disturb a person who works from home then it can be problematic. It affects productivity and it is difficult to concentrate on the work at hand.

Missing Benefits

Freelancers do not have the security of pension and other benefits available only to people who have a secure salaried job.

These drawbacks can be overcome easily if freelancers plan properly. They need to choose their working hours and place carefully. They also need to save and plan for future. This way they can avoid facing financial difficulties in future. Freelancing is growing rapidly because businesses are realizing the benefits of hiring freelancers. They do not have to employ professionals on full time basis and can get works done as and when needed.